TFSRI Meeting October 19, 2022

Marine Aquarium Basics

By Richard Pierce

Have you ever wondered what is involved in keeping a saltwater aquarium? If so, tonight's meeting of the Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island is for you. It is not that hard, unless you make it so, just like any other aspect of the aquarium hobby.
My first saltwater fish tank was back in 1976 or 1977. I could tell you lots of tales about what it was like "back in the day", but instead, I am going to tell you about how much easier it is to do in 2022. You no longer need huge tanks (and budgets) to get into the marine aquarium hobby, unless you also want to keep huge fish.
Obviously I can't teach you everything you need to know in an hour, but I can show you how to get started, how to decide what kind of marine aquarium you want. We will discuss fish and corals, and talk about what equipment you really need. When you go to your local marine aquarium store you will be able to let them know what you want.
Our meeting starts at 7:00 at the Riverside Sportsman's Association, 19 Mohawk Drive, Riverside, Rhode Island. As always, all are welcome. It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice or long time aquarist. We will also have our usual meeting activities, which include a small auction of aquarium fish and plants propagated by club members, a raffle, light refreshments and lots of aquarium talk.