TFSRI Meeting Nov 16, 2022 Member Video Night

Please join us this month as we share videos of our aquaria, water gardens and ponds with each other.

Get your cell phones out and take 1 to 4 minutes of video of their own aquaria. At the meeting we will play the videos and you will tell us about your aquaria.

We are not looking for expertly shot and edited movies voiced over by Richard Attenborough (although that if fine if you can pull it off). Send them to me and I will have them all playable though the club projector so we can all see them. You don't even need to get up in front of everyone to talk about your aquarium. just stay in your seat and tell us about your favorite fish, invertebrates, plants or whatever inhabits your aquarium. it doesn't need to be one shot, and you can send me a few clips to put together and show.

You can email them to me at [email protected], or email me and I will send you a Dropbox link for uploading your videos. The deadline is Wednesday at noon.

We have done this before and everyone had a lot of fun seeing each other's setups. If you don't want to share a video, you are still welcome to attend.