Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island

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The Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island is a not-for- profit organization composed of local aquarists and fish breeders. Our objectives are to increase the knowledge of aquarium keeping as a service to aquarists everywhere, and to encourage the breeding, raising and showing of ornamental and naturally occurring fish among all those interested. We host meetings on the third Wednesday of most months, so check the Calendar Page for upcoming meetings.

To register for our website, please click here. If you are a member of TFSRI, your site membership levels will be updated within 30 days of registration.

TFSRI Officers

President: Rick Burt

Treasurer: Kirk Amidon

Recording Secretary: Chrissy Blessinger

Corresponding Secretary: Dan Hosmer

Board of Directors

George Goulart
Kiara Ciccarelli Hand
Bill Hahn
Dave Smith

Tankquilizer Editor: Michaela Knott
Store Liaison: Rick Tombs

Latest Bowl Show Winners

March, 2016
Rick Burt
Pocilia reticulatus

March, 2016
Victoria Giroux
Betta splendens

March, 2016
Dave Smith
Xiphophorus helleri

January, 2016
Rick Burt

Bring your best fish to each month’s meeting and enter it in the Bowl Show!

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TFSRI Celebrates 50 Years!