Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island

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The Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island is a not-for- profit organization composed of local aquarists and fish breeders. Our objectives are to increase the knowledge of aquarium keeping as a service to aquarists everywhere, and to encourage the breeding, raising and showing of ornamental and naturally occurring fish among all those interested. We host meetings on the third Wednesday of most months, so check the Calendar Page for upcoming meetings.

TFSRI Officers

President: Paul Muscatiello
Vice-President: Rick Burt
Treasurer: Richard Pierce

Recording Secretary: Judy Weinburg
Corresp. Secretary: Pat Parent


Board of Directors

George Goulart

Kim Mullen

Eric Mather

Roland Mandlers

Tankquilizer Editor: Michaela Knott


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Join us April 18th, 2015 for a multi-Fish Room tour!

Club Elections June 17th

Celebrating 50 Years! TFSRI