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TFSRI Christmas Party

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We will be having our annual  TFSRI  Holiday party on December 20th, 2017 at our regular meeting place,  7PM.    The room is always beautifully decorated by the SPCA. We will be ordering pizza, and we will have salad and drinks. You are welcome to bring a dish to share–or a desert, if you  feel  like it–this is not a pot-luck. We will have a Yankee Swap (also optional) if you want to participate please wrap the gift, and the maximum is $10.00. We will have games, and we always have a good time. Your families are very welcome. No bowl show, but there will be BAP and a...

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TFSRI Monthly Meeting — November 2017

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This month’s meeting will be held at the RISPCA at 186 Amaral St., Riverside, RI at 7pm on November 15th! Speaker has yet to be determined. This will be the last time to take orders for tee-shirts at base price!! Bring in money or a check to get your tee-shirts by Christmas! If you buy a tee-shirt from our cache afterwards, we have to charge a few extra bucks for storage fees so get yours before they go up in price!!   Reminder! This is the Best of the Best Bowl show! Do you have a fish that one 1st in this year’s Bowl Show? Bring them back in to determine who is the Best of the Best! No other fish will be counted during this...

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TFSRI Monthly Meeting — October 2017

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Hello everyone! Our October monthly meeting will happen on the 18th at 7pm at the RISPCA center in Riverside, Providence! Come and enjoy some snacks, a bowl show, an auction and raffle, and an exciting event planned for this month! This month we’ll be playing Fishy Jeopardy for the first time! Rich Pierce will be hosting the game and we’ll split into two teams (or more if we have enough people) to compete for Honor, Dignity, and some candy! Everyone is more than welcome, and encouraged, to come join us for this game to make it exciting and interesting! You don’t need to be a member to participate or attend our meetings! We’ll be going through categories such as Famous People in the fish community, Fish Identification, Fish Anatomy, and much much more! It will be more like a mix of Family Feud and Jeopardy as we won’t have a buzzer but we’ll toss a coin (or something to that effect) and the winning team can chose first. If they cannot answer the question or the entirety of it, it goes to the other team and they control the board! Back and forth we’ll go as we rack up points and Daily Doubles to compete for Fishy Honor!   REMINDER: Dues are due this month! Your 30 day graceperiod ends come October! But do not fear, you can still join later.   We also have tee-shirt orders! November monthly meeting is the LAST date to sign up and pay for tee-shirts! We will order a few extra tee-shirts but they WILL cost EXTRA due to having to store them! So sign up this meeting or next meeting to get your shirt in for regular price!   Remember to bring in a fish or two for the bowl show as well! The more entries, the better! Reminder also that November is the “Best of the Best”! Did you have a fish win first place since February this past year? If so, then your fish is eligible for this special contest! So bring in your winning fish to compete against each other to find out who is, “The Best of the...

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s2017 Show Flyer TFSRI Vendor Registration Form Planted Tank Guideline Prepare your fish for this years FISH SHOW and AUCTION! We are the last ALL CLASS show in the country! Make sure you become part of history by being in our show and supporting us so we can continue to provide the best entertainment around! Our Show is completely lit by LED lighting so you can properly view the fish under the best lighting! All fishes are accepted unless it does not fit in a 20 gallon long or smaller tank. You may bring in your own tank and stand if the fish is bigger! Koi ponds are acceptable as long as you are responsible for it. We provide air for all the tanks including ponds if you want to bring one in! The entry fee this year is $2 for your first fish and $1 for every fish after. Planted tanks AND Photography are both included this year once more! Show off your fish in it’s natural habitat or show off your plant aquascaping skills!   Rules and Early Registration are in the flyer attached. Tell anyone and everyone! There will be food served at the Auction! We’ll be bringing back those BJ sandwiches everyone loved so much! We’ll be adding some new things to the menu like Pulled Pork sandwiches! Candy bars will also make an entrance due to popular demand! As usual, coffee will be free and the Kitchen will remain open throughout the Auction on Sunday until breakdown.   We hope to see everyone there! Spread the word! Happy Fish Keeping! -TFSRI...

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TFSRI Monthly Meeting — August 2017

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Come join us this month for a great meeting and talk! Our meetings start at 7pm and are always free to attend whether you are a member or not! George Goulart will be speaking on Showing Fish at Fish Show’s! Just in time for our own auction! As always we’ll have a raffle and an auction at the end of the Speak. Food and coffee are always served and free, just drop a donation in our fish bowl! The Bowl Show is open to all TFSRI Members ONLY! One fish per person please. Bring in a fish every month to earn points, at the end of the year you’ll earn a certificate for bring in the most fish all year! Remember, November is the “Best of the Best” for the Bowl Show which means if your fish has won First in the last year since February, you can bring them in to compete against other first place winners to see who is the Best of the...

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