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s2017 Show Flyer

TFSRI Vendor Registration Form

Planted Tank Guideline

Prepare your fish for this years FISH SHOW and AUCTION!

We are the last ALL CLASS show in the country! Make sure you become part of history by being in our show and supporting us so we can continue to provide the best entertainment around! Our Show is completely lit by LED lighting so you can properly view the fish under the best lighting! All fishes are accepted unless it does not fit in a 20 gallon long or smaller tank. You may bring in your own tank and stand if the fish is bigger! Koi ponds are acceptable as long as you are responsible for it. We provide air for all the tanks including ponds if you want to bring one in! The entry fee this year is $2 for your first fish and $1 for every fish after. Planted tanks AND Photography are both included this year once more! Show off your fish in it’s natural habitat or show off your plant aquascaping skills!


Rules and Early Registration are in the flyer attached. Tell anyone and everyone! There will be food served at the Auction! We’ll be bringing back those BJ sandwiches everyone loved so much! We’ll be adding some new things to the menu like Pulled Pork sandwiches! Candy bars will also make an entrance due to popular demand! As usual, coffee will be free and the Kitchen will remain open throughout the Auction on Sunday until breakdown.


We hope to see everyone there! Spread the word!

Happy Fish Keeping!

-TFSRI Editor