TFSRI Monthly Meeting — October 2017

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Hello everyone!

Our October monthly meeting will happen on the 18th at 7pm at the RISPCA center in Riverside, Providence!

Come and enjoy some snacks, a bowl show, an auction and raffle, and an exciting event planned for this month! This month we’ll be playing Fishy Jeopardy for the first time! Rich Pierce will be hosting the game and we’ll split into two teams (or more if we have enough people) to compete for Honor, Dignity, and some candy! Everyone is more than welcome, and encouraged, to come join us for this game to make it exciting and interesting! You don’t need to be a member to participate or attend our meetings! We’ll be going through categories such as Famous People in the fish community, Fish Identification, Fish Anatomy, and much much more! It will be more like a mix of Family Feud and Jeopardy as we won’t have a buzzer but we’ll toss a coin (or something to that effect) and the winning team can chose first. If they cannot answer the question or the entirety of it, it goes to the other team and they control the board! Back and forth we’ll go as we rack up points and Daily Doubles to compete for Fishy Honor!


REMINDER: Dues are due this month! Your 30 day graceperiod ends come October! But do not fear, you can still join later.


We also have tee-shirt orders! November monthly meeting is the LAST date to sign up and pay for tee-shirts! We will order a few extra tee-shirts but they WILL cost EXTRA due to having to store them! So sign up this meeting or next meeting to get your shirt in for regular price!


Remember to bring in a fish or two for the bowl show as well! The more entries, the better! Reminder also that November is the “Best of the Best”! Did you have a fish win first place since February this past year? If so, then your fish is eligible for this special contest! So bring in your winning fish to compete against each other to find out who is, “The Best of the Best!”