Because we can’t meet in person during COVID-19 we are offering this space to members to list fish they have to sell and trade. E-mail your list to Rich Pierce and I will add them to the page.

From Kirk Amidon 8/26/2020

3 Green terrors, 2 M 1 F.  3-5″ long As a trio.  Breeding regularly, be easy to get points…
5-7 Firemouths – between 2 and 4 inches
1 Yellow Firemouth (Pasionis) 4″
Chalinochromis Brichardi – a dozen or twenty.   Juveniles up to 2.5″ in length
Julidiochromis Regani  dozen, Juveniles up to 2.5″  a nice dark variant.

Will take any reasonable offer from club members  email me