What is a bowl show?

It is an opportunity for you to show off your prettiest, most interesting, or most outstanding fish! Just bring in a small bowl or large jar with a fish or pair of fish, and the folks attending the meeting will vote on which fish should take first, second, and third place. The night's top three winners get an award ribbon; the top year-end winner receives an award at the Awards Banquet in January.

When do they take place?

Bowl shows run from January through November. There is no meeting in December.
What kind of fish can I bring?
A calendar is available at meetings and published in the Tanquilizer and on Certain bowl shows are open to all fish; others will concentrate on one kind of fish. Please pay attention. If your fish does not meet that night's criteria, it will be disqualified.

How do I enter?

Place your bowl with fish on the bowl show table. Find the Bowl Chairperson and inform him that your bowl is there so that he can assign a letter to it. This is your responsibility; your fish will be disqualified if it is not assigned a letter. You need to know the Latin name and common name if applicable for your fish.

How do I vote?

Ballots are available on the bowl show table. Fill it out once only and insert into the ballot box. Voting is closed at the end of the speaker program or general discussion. Votes will be tabulated and winners announced at the end of the BAP auction. Seasonal points are kept and award is given out at the January Awards Banquet. The last bowl show of the season is at the November meeting.

Bowl Show Rules

  • You may only bring one fish or one pair of fish per meeting.
  • If your fish wins one month, you may not enter the same fish the following month.
  • Only water and fish can be in the bowls; anything there besides water and the fish (plants, decorations, etc.) will serve to disqualify the entry.
  • Only members in good standing of the Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island may participate.
  • Decisions of the Bowl Chairperson are final.